India's most luxurious senior residents home with specialised care plans, our main aim is to fulfill all the personal choices, basic needs, prefrences, satisfaction of your taste buds, changing needs, &medical conditions without disturbing and hampering your dignity, privacy, safety and security.


It's Vidhaan assurance that you feel proud after choosing us. We provide 100 % toxic free ambience. We provide world class social, mental and physical wariness. We promise to provide respect, love, care & dignity to each and every resident. The services offer by Vidhaan give you unique and unbeatable experience.


Vidhaan regularly work on its Infrastructure and continuosly facilitates it's functional services with the goal of sparkling growth & improvements in quality of life.


We maintain the balance of eco-system and health of our residents by serve them organic foods. Our food items are completely free from Antibiotic or growth hormones. Our food supplies are completely pesticides free : fertilizers are made with synthetic ingredients ; bioengineering or ionizing radiation.


We provide palatable, luscious, & delectable servings of home cooked foods. We pay attention to eliminating calorie dense additional ingredients to make every bite of food more healthy, more filler & more beneficial for our residents.


If u want to spend your second innings with style , then you choose absolutely correct place. VIDHAAN offer you most luxurious facilities , regular entertainment activities, educational opportunities, excersise classes, live music performances by various artists, occasional outings to play, sports events, communal areas both indoor & outdoor, gardens, walking paths, fitness studios, computer labs, Wi-Fi ZONE, beauty salons.


We regularly examine our residents health within our premises. Due to regular and systematic health check ups we are able to daignose the symptoms or the sickness in its early stage so that it can be cure . By getting the right health services, screenings, & treatments, we are taking steps that help our senior citizens chances for living a longer & healthier life.

Our experience

With decades of experience, our professional staff have broad knowledge of community issues and needs.

Society Pain

Many parents lost their sons in a decade-long armed conflict in which about 15 thousand people were killed. Some families have become homeless due to the natural disaster such as flood, landslide, and many's sons have gone to south Asian countries for employment. There are other old age citizens who are neglected by their sons and daughter-in-law’s. In this way, number of helpless old age people is increasing.  

Though the elderly people have rooms to live in, the home lacks basic provisions needed to live a healthy life. The elderly people are not receiving supports from any government bodies. The major problems seen in the home are:  

1. In the lack of mosquito nets, proper mattresses and blankets, they frequently suffer from various health problems such as cough, cold, fever, pneumonia and skin infections.  

2. Lack of pure drinking water, the elderly people are suffering from various water borne diseases.  

3. They lack timely health check-up. So, many are found suffering from fatal diseases. 

4. The elderly people lack sufficient nutritious food.  

5. The elderly people are using firewood to cook food. They do not have improved cooking stoves. So, their huts are full of smokes which have caused health problems such as asthma and cough. 


We "VIDHAAN" really greatful for those who support us with their timely donations to our SECOND INNINGS HOME. We really feel obliged for those who bring smiles and laughter to our senior residents.

Become Volunteer

We welcome our sponsors either in the form of independent volunteer Or any company who willingly donate monetary as well socially services to our organisation.

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With our luxurious ammenties and splendid infrastructure, VIDHAAN create benchmark for all others Senior Citizens. No more miserable conditions, no more unhygienic surroundings, no more worst medical conditions, no more bad food services. We work 24/7 to make our place happy and better living world to our senior citizens.

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Vidhaan always welcome their sponsors and donation givers with open arms and mind. When courage, genius, and genorisity hold hands, all things are turn out possible. It is more rewarding to watch money change the world than to watch it accumalate. There are no bars for your donations and for your feelings. You can donate clothes, foods items, lights, fans, other appliances, medicines or whatever you want.

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Call For Donation

We are looking forward to raising funds for the new Senior Citizen home. We would be highly obliged if you could support the cause by providing a generous donation.

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